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Portland Family Photography: Don’t Settle For So-So When You Can Have Superlative!

Let’s transform family portraits into sparkling family portrait keepsakes:

Let’s choose a setting that is sentimental, such as a favorite park, or settings around your family’s home; perhaps you have a beautiful deck, or a lovely fireplace we can use. Holidays are wonderful times of the year to have family portraits taken, because we can use your Christmas tree and holiday decorations to enhance the background.

Family Photography With StyleA park setting in vibrant autumn lends special pizzazz to a family portrait.

<img/> Family Portrait Photography Portland OregonIn years to come, this little girl will remember her family fireplace with fondness!

Props add texture to photos. Imagine the next generation of people looking at your family photographs smiling fondly as they remember a house, a room, a vehicle, a piece of sporting equipment or a musical instrument.

<img/> Family Photography Portland OregonA super macho boy-toy makes an exciting prop for a family portrait!

Let’s include the cats, dogs, horses, birds and other animal family members. People often feel a particular attachment to an animal companion, so I can take an individual’s portrait with a pet, as well as including pets in a group portrait.

<img/> Family Photography Portland OregonAdd puppy to the family portrait for extra sentiment and smiles

<img/> Family Photography Portland OregonLet me take a special photo of you and your beloved pet

A popular trend is to coordinate everyone’s outfits, choosing colors and styles that work together. For example, everyone wears faded jeans and white shirts; or perhaps everyone wants to wear formal wear. For Christmas photos, let’s break out the crazy sweaters!

<img/> Family Photography Portland OregonClothing beautifully coordinated with an American Classic look of blue jeans and white shirts

In complete contradiction to the above, a capricious strategy is for everyone to make a personal statement: from cocktail dresses to cargo pants, from quiet beige to ramped up orange. If this is in keeping with your family’s personality, then let the good times roll.

I will position everyone so that the background complements the family members; trees, fountains, statues, etc. will be softly focused, not sprouting out of anyone’s head. Also, I will use flattering light that makes your family members’ eyes twinkle. During the portrait session, I suggest natural and
comfortable posing that
says, “happy,” “relaxed” and “friendly.”

<img/> Best Family Portrait Photography Portland Oregon

After the family photography session, I edit all your photos, applying natural looking and creative techniques to remove background distractions, stray hairs, eyeglass glare, etc. Don’t worry about little blemishes, shaving cuts, etc. You will look artlessly beautiful and genuinely handsome.

<img/> Family Portrait Photography Studio Portland Oregon

Family portrait photography creates a colorful timeline, an animated history of weddings, births, holidays, reunions and parties, houses, vehicles and pets. The best collections of family photographs blend natural poses and true candid moments, letting your family’s personality shine. Together we can incorporate these aspects into your family photography session to create family photography treasures!

Family Portrait Photography Prices and Packages 

Simple Creation Fee $299
Price Includes:
• Your portrait session in choice of location: natural light, your home, a special setting, etc.
• View and select your photos at your leisure via Dropbox

• You favorite two photos delivered in high resolution (suitable for print)
• Your favorite two photos delivered in low resolution ready for Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.
• Full permission to print, reprint, enlarge, publish to web and share with others
OPTION: Combine home and natural light settings for additional $50

OPTION: Purchase additional photos for $30 each; includes high and low resolution image

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