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Get a yearbook photo that is authentically YOU! Choose a classic studio setting, a location with warm natural light, or a bit of both with the perfect clothing for each setting. Do you want to show the world a side that’s never been seen? How about a bit of glam with a touch of attitude? Then we’ll include stunning, classic portraits that your parents and grandparents will love!  Call/TEXT 503.290.8459

My yearbook, graduation and senior portrait packages are designed with quality and value. Packages include high resolution images and light, natural editing to remove background distractions, stray hair, blemishes, etc. Would you like hair and make-up services? If so, I work with a very talented stylist. Together we’ll get you a collection of unique yearbook headshots that will always make you smile.

Graduation Portraits, Yearbook Headshots and Senior Picture Packages

Yearbook Headshot – Package A $259.00
Choose your favorite photos via Dropbox proofs
• Senior portrait session in studio or natural light (Add both locations for additional $30)
• Wear layered outfits to show off your individuality

• Digital editing to remove blemishes, stray hairs, eyeglass glare, etc.
• Two favorite photos delivered in high resolution digital file, suitable for reprint and enlargement
• Two favorite photos delivered in low resolution digital file, suitable for websites, email, etc.
• Yearbook photo formatted according to specs and delivered to yearbook advisor
• For Yearbook photo, please advise yearbook specs: print, CD, email, etc.
OPTION: Purchase additional photos for $30 each. Includes high and low resolution images

Yearbook Headshot – Package B $499.00
Choose your favorite photos via Dropbox proofs
• Senior portrait session in studio and natural light, weather permitting (natural light setting can include your pet)
• Up to three outfits to show off your individuality
• Digital editing to remove blemishes, stray hairs, eyeglass glare, etc.
• Ten favorite photos delivered in high resolution, suitable for reprint and enlargement
• Ten favorite photos delivered in low resolution, suitable for websites, email, etc.
• Yearbook photo formatted according to specs and delivered to yearbook advisor
• For Yearbook photo, please advise yearbook specs: print, CD, email, etc.
 Additional photos: $30 per digital image delivered in high resolution and low resolution

REGARDING EYEGLASSES: If your everyday glasses have a tint or a coating or are transitional, please bring an alternate frame with plain glass or pop out your lenses. Tints, coatings and transitional lenses will reflect an unnatural glare and hide your beautiful eyes.

Need Additional Editing?
Want a different colored background?
Want extensive skin smoothing editing?
Let me know what you want; generally $20 per picture will cover anything you need over and above the light and natural editing included in your package price.

What Should You Wear for Your Senior Portraits?
When it comes to planning your senior portrait wardrobe, follow these simple tips and you’ll love your pictures

When in doubt about color, consult Mother Nature. What she provides will photograph the best, whether it’s a vibrant gemstone color or a delicate flower petal hue.

Are your eyeglasses an integral part of you? Then do wear them for your senior pictures. HOWEVER! If your lenses are transitional or have a coating, they won’t photograph well at all. So here’s what you do: remove the lenses before your appointment or bring a frame with plain lenses. We want the world to see those beautiful eyes!

Plan to wear outfits that you know and love. It’s important your clothing flatters you, fits you and will look great 20 years from now. The perfect outfit is the one that always makes you smile.

Embrace your colorful culture traditional clothing. You might not wear a sari or Hawaiian lei every day, but they can add lovely, sparkling elements that add to YOUR story.

Make sure your outfit is flattering no matter what you are doing: sitting, standing, twirling or kneeling to pet your best four-legged friend. If your pants look weird when you sit, wear something else. If your dress is beautiful only when you’re standing, it’s the wrong dress. You’ll want a variety of poses in your senior portraits, so select clothing that will work with you, not against you.

LADIES: What’s underneath is just as important as what the sun sees. If you’re wearing white or pastels, or the material is lightweight, it’s essential to do a wardrobe check in natural light before we start your session. If you like what you see in a natural light pre-check, OK. If not, pick a different outfit.
GENTLEMEN: Bunching and tenting doesn’t work. Check out everything before your portrait appointment and make changes where necessary. There are some things Photoshop won’t fix.

Ladies, if you want to wear only dresses, or only pants, make sure there is a variety of styles and materials. Pockets provide whimsy and a nice posing element!
Gentlemen, if you want only suits, or only sportwear, or only casual clothing, mix up colors and texture. You’ll like your pictures so much more!

If you have toned, beautiful arms or legs and want to show them off, bring lotion to smooth your skin and add a bit of natural glow.

Natural Light Senior Portraits in a Portland parkNatural Light Senior Portrait Photography Portland OregonLow Key Senior Portraits Taken in Natural Light

Five Tips for Amazing, Memorable Senior Portraits

Tip 1. Select Flattering Outfits: Fit, Color and Style Count!
FIT: whether your personal style is classic and timeless or uber-contemporary, make sure your clothing fits and flatters!
COLOR: go into daylight to determine how colors look on you. Do your selected tones complement your skin or do they wash you out? Jewel tones add vibrancy to your portraits as they photograph more vivaciously than neutrals, but check any color in daylight to see if it is right for you.
PATTERNS: Big, bold patterns make big, bold statements. If this is your style, wear it proudly; if the pattern makes you feel awkward, trust your instincts and choose something more understated.

Tip 2: Hair, Glorious Hair: Your Hirsute Signature
If you’re feeling experimental, try a new cut at least four months before you get your senior portrait taken. If the new style works, terrific! If the new ‘do is a disaster, you’ll still have time to restyle or let your locks grow longer. Either way, when it’s time to reshape or trim your tresses, do so a week before your photo session, so your hair has time to relax and not look shocked.
To recap: experiment at least four months before photo time; touch-up and trim about a week before your session.

Tip 3: Breakouts And Shaving Cuts: Sigh…It’s Part of Life
Relax. I will lightly and naturally edit all of your selected photos with various skin smoothing techniques. If you have extra concerns, please tell me. I want you to love your senior portraits this year and for many years to come.

Tip 4: Big Smile Or No Smile: How To Look Appealing And Natural Either Way
Thinking happy thoughts will make all your 52 facial muscles react naturally, and people always prefer photos with expressions that are genuine. So let your thoughts wander to happy places, happy events and the ones you love. Want a serious image? OK, here’s how to make your expression thoughtful and sincere, rather than grim and creepy: think of a challenge. You want serious, not sour!

Tip 5: Prepare: Give Yourself The Gift Of Time
At least a week before your appointment, try on all the outfits you think will make the final cut. This includes jewelry and accessories: shoes, scarves, hats, etc. Narrow down your selection to one outfit with a removable layer, or three totally different outfits such as sportswear, dressy clothes, your favorite everyday finery. Next, see what needs dry cleaning, laundering or ironing, and take care of this now. The day of your portrait session, carefully pack your extra outfits or carry the clothing on hangers. Photoshop will not fix food stains, torn items or wrinkles.

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Your senior picture session can include close ups, half body and full length poses;
your pets are always welcome.
If you’re undecided on the setting for your yearbook and senior pictures,
come to our newly renovated studio!
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