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What gift says, “I love you!” better than boudoir portraits? 

Boudoir Photographer Portland Oregon 503.290.8459
If you live in or around Portland Oregon, come to Elena Rose Boudoir Photography for the time of your life. I work with a talented fully licensed cosmetologist and together we create an afternoon of glamour and fun, with the pictures to prove it!  Products include prints, albums, calendars… whatever you want to celebrate this time of your life you will have a most memorable gift to your special someone.     

Boudoir Photography Prices and Packages

Simply Gorgeous Package  $799
• Hair styling and make-up by a licensed cosmetologist
• Glamour or Boudoir Portrait session
• All photographs digitally retouched and enhanced (don’t worry about spider veins, cellulite, stretch marks, etc.)
• Bring two changes of outfits
• Your favorite 4 photos delivered via Dropbox in high and low resolution

The Sapphire Boudoir Photography Package – With The Little Black Book  $1299 
• Hair styling and make-up by a licensed cosmetologist
• Sensuous glamour / boudoir portrait session
• All photographs digitally retouched and enhanced (don’t worry about spider veins, cellulite, stretch marks, etc.)
• Ten-picture Little Black Book (size 4×6) or 8-photo folio
• Your favorite ten portraits delivered via Dropbox in both high and low resolution

The Diamond Boudoir Photography Package – With Deluxe Library Album $1999
• Hair styling and make-up by a licensed cosmetologist
• Sensuous glamour / boudoir portrait session
• Poses created to flatter your individuality: your features, your face and your figure
• All photographs digitally retouched and enhanced (don’t worry about spider veins, cellulite, stretch marks, etc.)
• 18 5×7’s in a library bound leather album (10×10) with silk moiré cover lining, gilded edges, lifetime guarantee
• All your favorite portraits delivered via Dropbox in both high and low resolution (full permission to reprint and enlarge)

Glamour Shots Portland Oregon Costumes Make Your Boudoir Photography Session Lots of Fun!

Portland Oregon Boudoir PhotographerSassy, Sexy Boudoir Photography – Be Unforgettable!

Boudoir Photographer Portland OregonClassic and Contemporary Boudoir Photography in Color or in B&W

Why should you have your boudoir portrait taken by Elena Rose Boudoir Photography?

• You Will Feel Sensuous, Inspired and Pampered
It might be scary to envision yourself being photographed in lingerie; but the combination of pampering, styling, a glass of champagne and my collection of poses will have you relaxed and smiling within minutes. Portrait photography is as much about communication as it is about lighting and cameras.

The Personal Touch – There is NO ONE Like You!
Over the years, I’ve learned the best ways to personalize boudoir portrait posing to suit each of my clients. For example, what works perfectly on a voluptuous 25-year old woman might not be the best choice for a slender 55-year old woman.

Your Persona Captured
My style of boudoir portraiture is ‘elegant sizzle.’ The poses we design together will portray you as a confident, elegant woman who knows her mind and is at ease with her sexuality. You are a valuable woman, and your sensuality is an integral part of your being. Elegant sizzle – incomparable and unique to you.

Special Effects and Editing
After the portrait session, I closely examine every portrait, then carefully choose what special effects to apply. I take care to make your skin look like satin. Cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes, surgery scars – all gone! As your boudoir photographer, I pride myself on unique editing techniques, and the proof is in the picture.

What is the difference between Glamour and Boudoir?

Glamour portraits are filled with charm and captivation, and show you from the waist up; clothing can include formal wear as well as lingerie. My glamour portraits are characterized by allure, confidence and desirability. Both my glamour sessions and boudoir sessions include sensuous facial portraits. If you are a shy about full body sensuous photography, try a little glamour, instead!

Boudoir photography is characterized by sexuality and sensuality. Your boudoir portraits will include full, half and partial body poses as well as sensuous close up portraits. Lingerie and artfully draped fabrics are the norm, and if you request, I will photograph you partially or fully nude. Boudoir portraits are designed to challenge the viewer’s imagination to think about ……….!

You can choose from classic boudoir portraits or the allure of timeless glamour shots – how ’bout a bit of both? With Elena Rose Photography as your boudoir photographer, your portraits reflect your individuality, personality and flair and will have lots of elegant sizzle…. all taken by a woman boudoir photographer.

Can you do retouching?
Absolutely! The result is you, only better. Each boudoir and glamour portrait is fully edited and enhanced to take away spider veins, cellulite, blemishes, uneven tan lines… anything you consider undesirable.

What about poses? I don’t know what to do!
Don’t worry! Designing poses and giving you direction is what I do best. I’ll create artful, sensuous boudoir and glamour poses that flatter your personality and your figure. I’ll show you sample poses as we go along, so you can be involved in the process. You’ll have fun doing this, and you DON’T have to be a professional model. My clients are real people, just like you. Brides-to-be, mothers, women starting over, women celebrating their 20′s 30′s, 40′s, 50′s, 60′s… I know what poses are age appropriate, and I know how to photograph the sensuality of a youthful woman as well as the charming allure of a woman in middle age.

What about hair and make-up styling?
I work with a talented, fully licensed hair & make-up artist. The hair and make-up styling takes 60-90 minutes and will add significantly to your boudoir portrait experience. We value your input, so if you want a high-impact, sultry vamp look, just say so; if you want something less dramatic, let us know. If you’re not sure what you’d like, Maria will design a look just for you. All of my boudoir and glamour portrait packages have hair and make-up styling included.

How long does the session last?
After you are styled, the photo session takes place, lasting 2-3 hours. I’ll show you the photos as we go along, and later we review everything on the computer. At that time, I’ll show you some editing styles; you can see how I make your skin look like satin, remove anything you don’t like and optimize your portraits so you look your most sensuous best. This will help you make your final selections; then you choose a package. The final editing takes place over the next week or so after your session. If you have a birthday, anniversary or other deadline, let me know when you make your appointment and as your boudoir photographer, I’ll do everything possible to accommodate your schedule.


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