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Playful natural light headshots and portraits for dating site profiles portland oregon

Quality photos attract the one who’s looking for you!

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perfect for all social media needs. 

Portraits and Headshots for dating site profiles Portland Oregon

Find the one who’s looking for YOU!

Ultra Value 10-Photo Package $599
Extra Value 4-Photo Package, $359

Packages include:
• Photo session in natural light 
• Convenient online proofs (about 60 photos from which to choose your favorites)
• Light editing to remove blemishes, stray hair, etc.
• Your selections delivered digitally in high and low resolution (ready for print or web)
OPTION: Purchase additional photos for $50 per image

EXPRESS Headshot Package – $249
Package includes about 20 photos, online proofs and your favorite picture delivered digitally in high and low resolution

TIP: Wear layers to create wardrobe variety

Dating site profile photographs and portraits Portland Oregon

Contact me for beautiful photos perfect for your dating profile
and all other social media needs.

When it comes to dating, my buddy Bobby always says, “There’s a lid for every pot.” 
How does a modern man or woman find that lid? Start by creating a profile on high quality dating sites that includes a mix of professional and casual photos. Your pictures should be sharp, properly lit, in focus, and RECENT. A successful dating site headshot is well-composed with a relaxed, natural expression. The background is complimentary and not distracting, your posture and expression are engaging and happy. Unless you’re a chronic sourpuss and want to attract another sourpuss, think happy thoughts and smile naturally. An experienced professional portrait photographer knows how to give cues to elicit a natural expression. Seriously. That’s what we do.

Dating profiles with photos get MUCH more attention than those without. So ladies, get your hair done in a flattering style, apply your makeup with care, or have it applied professionally; choose a few nice outfits and then give me a call to schedule your dating profile photography session. If you’d like a makeover, I can refer you to a licensed stylist, who will design a look for you that is age and lifestyle appropriate.

TIPS FOR MEN: Gentlemen, get a good haircut, a facial and a manicure. It will make you look and feel terrific.

TIPS FOR WOMEN: Matte makeup photographs better than frosted. Use a little more mascara than usual. Dark lipstick photographs better than pale. Wear strong, clear colors. 

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Portland Oregon dating profile photographer.

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Why should you have portraits taken by Elena Rose Photography?

• You Will Feel Relaxed, Inspired and Comfortable
Many people feel they are not photogenic, and my intention is to dispel this belief. Natural smiles are an essential part of memorable portraits, so my job is to encourage them.

• My goal:
Produce high quality photos of you looking happy, relaxed and confident.

• Your Persona Captured
Since a strong aspect of social media is to show your originality, I take the time to get to know you a bit. This helps me elicit beautiful, candid reactions that let your unique light shine through. 

• The Personal Touch – There is NO ONE Like You!
Over the years, I’ve learned ways to personalize portrait and headshot photography to suit each of my clients. For example, poses that work perfectly on a 25-year-old woman will likely not work well on a middle-aged man.

• You Don’t Have To Be a Professional Model
I’ll help you with poses, don’t worry. Your photography session will be as enjoyable as it can be.


• What Should I Do About My Hair and Makeup?
If you haven’t updated your ‘look’ for many years, this is the perfect time for a makeover! I can recommend a talented stylist who will design a new image with personalized flair, keeping in mind your age and lifestyle. Imagine how much this will boost your confidence!

• How Many Photos Do I Need For My Online Profile?
I suggest a minimum of four professional portraits, one of which will be your profile headshot. Full and half-length photos are important to show height/weight proportion. Supplement professional photos with casual pictures that show participation in gatherings, hobbies, sports, etc. Remember that any photograph you publish should be recent and in focus.

• What Should I Wear? 
Wear what’s flattering, and what you are likely to wear on a date: sportswear, casual wear, tailored clothing, etc. Solid primary colors generally photograph better than prints or neutrals, but the point is to show you authentically. Please take note, however… if you are getting into the dating game, you will have competition. If you spend most of your time in comfortable sweats, maybe it’s time for a wardrobe update. Either way, remember: confidence is the best thing you can wear.

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