Family Portrait Photography Portland Oregon

Time to show off the new baby,
the new pet, everyone’s new styles…
give me call and let’s update the family photos
in your home, or in one of Portland’s lovely parks!

Portrait Photography of sisters

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

FAMILY: give them roots, give them wings, and give them family portraits. Let your little ones grow up surrounded by images of siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. After all, family photographs tell your history. Elena Rose Photography works creatively with your collective personality to design pictures you will treasure for generations: memory-making photos that will always make you smile. 

Family Portrait Photography Creation Fee: $249 (includes 1 photo)

• Your portrait session in a natural light location
• Pets welcome
• About 50 online photos from which to choose your favorites
• Convenient online proofs to share with one another
• Your favorite photos available for purchase at $50 each
• Photos beautifully edited, then delivered digitally in both high and low resolution
• Permission to print, reprint, enlarge, publish to web and share with others

Buy 5 photos, get the 6th free!
Buy 3 photos, get the 4th for 1/2 price

Family Photography Portland Oregon

Family Portrait Tips From A Pro:

Keep The Background Simple
Lots of people want family portraits taken at home and I’m happy to accommodate your wishes. So first, carefully check for an uncluttered setting outside. Oversized furniture, storage units, tree branches, fence posts, vehicles, etc. will detract from your portraits. If your property is ‘busy,’ let’s move the group to one of the area’s lovely parks.

• Do a Wardrobe Check
Before the photo session, take a long look in a full-length mirror and make sure everyone’s clothing fits and flatters. This is the time to cut off loose threads and iron out the wrinkles.

• Should Your Outfits Match?
Some families like to coordinate outfits, for example: everyone wears formal clothing, or everyone goes casual with jeans and a nice shirt. Wear your favorite outfits and bring some layers for added pizzazz. Whatever you decide, double check that patterns don’t clash. If you’re going for a holiday theme, break out the crazy sweaters, or adopt a favorite holiday color: all green, all red, all blue, etc.

Family Photography Portland Oregon

• Do a Makeup Check
Ladies, wear a little more mascara than usual and note that darker lipstick photographs better than pale. Also, use matte cosmetics rather than frosted. Frosted elements in cosmetics look like blemishes in a photo. You don’t want that!

• Jewelry – To Bedazzle Or Not To Bedazzle
If you have a signature piece of jewelry, by all means, wear it. Otherwise, keep adornments simple. For gentlemen wearing ties, invest in a good-looking tie clip or tie tack. Not only are they practical, but they make an elegant statement.

• Hair Styles
If you get your hair cut at least a week before your photo session, your hair will settle and won’t look shocked. If you color your hair, get a touch-up a few days in advance.

Your pets are always welcome.

Bring your furry family members!

• Think Happy Thoughts!
Your expression always reflects what you’re thinking, so put cares, woes, the news and business issues far away in a separate compartment then focus on your blessings. This will make your smiles relaxed, natural and engaging.

• Who To Include In The Family Portrait?
 Be ecumenical. Remember, families are like fudge: mostly sweet with a few nuts.

Family Portraits: Your Personal Timeline!

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I look forward to photographing you and your beautiful family!

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