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Family Pet Photography Tips

Family Pet Photography Portland OregonMatch your pet’s temperament with an appropriate setting;
a sociable animal will like a park; a shy animal will prefer home.

 Cat Photography Portland OregonBe patient and quiet, especially with cats.

Horse photographer Portland OregonPosition a point of interest slightly behind the camera and a little to one side, for example: something sparkly, something making an attractive noise, a family member who is especially loved by the pet.

 Dog Photography Portland Oregon 97212Photograph the pet doing something she enjoys: relaxing in a favorite spot,
jumping, playing, interacting with her human or chasing a toy.

Dog Photography Portland OregonSometimes it’s easier to move yourself than to move the pet; by doing this you can often
avoid having your pet blend into background objects.  For example, you don’t want a rhododendron
growing out of your puppy’s head.

Dog Photographer Portland Oregon 97212When in doubt, take the picture anyway. The “cute” factor often outweighs a technical shortcoming.

If this is a recently adopted pet, be cautious.  Some animals are afraid when you point a camera at them because they think you are going to throw it at them.  Move slowly at first and see how the pet reacts.  A rescued animal might need extra time to feel safe and secure in the new home.

 Cat Photographer Portland Oregon 97212If photographing outdoors on a sunny summer day, take photos early in the morning or early in the evening when the light is less intense; if indoors, it’s all right to use a flash; oddly enough, many animals are indifferent to it.

Family Pet Photography Portland OregonRemember, food is love…  give treats.

Cat Photography Portland OregonWhen photographing cats, the number one rule is: Go by their rules.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I wish you a day filled with treats!

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