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Welcome to Elena Rose Photography. Whether you are aspiring or established, an up-to-date headshot is your calling card when contacting talent agencies. My packages are designed to give you the highest quality possible, with options for added variety. If you are just starting out, I offer two affordable headshot packages. If you have decided to market yourself assertively, let’s create a collection of publicity photos that will show you off to your best advantage.

(Are you looking for a business headshot? Please CLICK HERE for packages appropriate for LinkedIn, your website, and other corporate purposes.)

Autumn 2021 HEADSHOT SPECIAL – $299
• Photo session
• 4 favorite headshots chosen from 40-50 online proofs
• Your name inserted on the bottom of your headshots in your choice of font

• Headshots delivered to you digitally, formatted for print and for web
TIP: Wear layers to give your photos different wardrobe looks
OPTION: Purchase additional photos for $30 each.

Actor/Model Extra Value Portfolio $499
• Photo session in natural light
• 10 headshots and portraits chosen from 50-80 proofs
• Your name inserted on the bottom of each headshots in your choice of font

• Headshots delivered to you digitally, formatted for print and for web
• Photos lightly and naturally edited to remove blemishes, stray hair, etc.
TIP: Wear layers to give your photos different wardrobe ‘looks’

OPTION: Purchase additional photos for $30 each; includes edited high and low resolution image

Portland Professional Headshots

Headshot Photography For Models & Actors


f your glasses are transitional or have a tint or a coating, please bring an alternate frame with plain glass. Tints, coatings and transitional lenses cause a glare that will hide your beautiful eyes.

• Do your clothes needs ironing? Please iron your clothes and hang then neatly before your photo session.
• Are your clothes clean? Please inspect carefully for stains; wash or dry clean before your photo session.
• Are your clothes damage-free? If not, please choose a different outfit.
• Do your clothes fit and flatter you? If not, please choose a different outfit.
• Choose clothing that is solid in color and simple in design.

• If you need a trim or a touchup, please address this BEFORE your photo session. You’ll be happier with your photos if you love the way your hair looks.

• Unless you are going for a glamour look, less is best.
• If you would like a referral to a stylist, I work with two very talented, licensed professionals, who can design a ‘look’ for you that is unique and age-appropriate.

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Scam artists preying on young models are creative in their attempts to get your money. There are many fake ‘modeling agencies’ around and here are some ways you can identify them:

1. The modeling agency business is a Monday-Friday, 9-5pm business. If you are contacted to attend an “Open Call” or “Talent Review” make sure it’s between these hours. Be very suspicious if they ask you to come in later in the evening or on a weekend. Legitimate modeling agencies don’t do weekends!

2. Look around at the caliber of the people in the waiting room. Legitimate modeling agencies have a rigorous screening procedure. They simply don’t want to be bothered with a room full newbies and snapshots.

3. Be suspicious if all of the models waiting with you recently went to a modeling convention. Most fake modeling agencies buy leads from conventions. They will pay up to $5.00 per lead to get your contact information.

4. What kind of credentials are hanging on the wall? ALL agencies must be licensed by the city/town where they are located. If they are not, chances are there’s a reason.

5. Listen to what’s going on around you. Are the phones ringing? Do you hear actual work being booked? Does the staff look busy? Don’t base your opinions on décor or photos on the wall. Fake agencies will cut ads out of magazines and place them on the walls, pretending they have launched famous models’ careers simply to impress inexperienced models.

6. Is the space quite large with lots of different rooms? If so, be suspicious that this is actually a training center rather than an agency. You can further protect yourself by asking around before you even get there. Contact other models and talent to see if they have had any experience with this company.

7. What does the Better Business Bureau have on file? If there are ongoing complaints against this agency, there will be a record.

8. Contact some of the local casting agencies to see which modeling agencies they work with. If the company you are considering is not mentioned, then it’s not worth your time.

9. Check out their website. A real agency doesn’t “sell itself” to the public on its website; it presents the talent for clients to view.

10. Most important: be cautious of any agency that advertises in local papers or on the radio.

Once again: Legitimate agencies earn money by taking a percentage of the work they book. The industry standard is 20% from the model (commission) and 20% from the client (agency fee). A legitimate modeling agency will NEVER ask the models to pay for advertisement or promotion of any kind.

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