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Professional Cat Photography Portland Oregon

People often ask me how to take a nice, natural-looking photo of their beloved tabbies. Cats are known for many things, but posing on command is not generally one of them.  It takes patience, optimal camera settings and good light to get a natural-looking photograph of kitty. I have a cat who recognizes the flash on my camera; she will deliberately look away to avoid the bright sudden burst of light. If I aim the camera at her without the flash, she will look right into the lens. Smart little girl, she is. This is why the camera settings and ambient light are so important.

One technique in pet photography is to place a decorated container of some sort in a place that is attractive to the cat. You know what I’m going to say next…  the cat will invariably investigate the receptacle and hopefully, make herself comfortable. We all know when a cat is comfortable, he looks satisfied and content. So now we’re ready.

I have an excellent value Family and Pet Portrait Packages that will deliver loving keepsake pet and family photographs that you will treasure. 

Thank you for visiting my website. I wish you a day filled with soft, happy purrs.

Irene Elena Rose

Family Cat Portrait Photography Prices and Packages

Simple Creation Fee $299
Price Includes:
• Your portrait session in choice of location: natural light, your home, a special setting, etc.
• You favorite four photos delivered via Dropbox in high resolution (suitable for print)
• Your favorite four photos delivered via Dropbox in low resolution ready for Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.
• Full permission to print, reprint, enlarge, publish to web and share with others
• Choose your favorite photos at your leisure via Dropbox proofs
OPTION: Combine indoor home and natural light settings for additional $50
OPTION: Purchase additional photos for $30 each; includes edited high and low resolution image

Cat Photography Portland Oregon

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