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Would you like a photography lesson with lots of personal attention?

Learn at your own pace, one-on-one with a professional photographer! Bring your camera and related gear, your questions, mysteries and puzzles. I’ll explain menu items, camera settings, composition and more. Learn at a comfortable rate, and gain the confidence to produce beautiful pictures. I look forward to helping you learn the creative art and exciting science of photography.

Choose from a variety of topics for your private lessons:
• Package A: Beginner’s Lesson $99, 2-hours
• Package B: Studio Lighting & Portrait Posing, $299, 3-hours
• Package C: Boudoir Photography Lighting & Posing, $399, 3-hours

Package A:
2-Hour Private Photography Instruction For Beginners $99.00
We can start at the beginning:
• How to work with your camera: settings and modes
• What are the three components of all photography?
• How aperture, shutter and the light sensitivity work together
• How to use auto-focus to get crisp, sharp photos every time
• How to use Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Program Modes
• Practical, real life examples of when to use each mode

What to bring:
Bring your camera, lenses, cords, flash, etc.

Package B:
3-Hour Studio Lighting & Portrait Posing Instruction $299.00
This photography lesson will show you how to:

• Create the four classic styles of portrait lighting:
    Theatrical, Rembrandt, Split, and Even
• Give direction to a model/client/subject
• Create poses that are natural and flattering
• Go from theory to real life by working with a model and studio lights
• Develop your portrait photography style and your communication style
• Be inspired by what YOU can do!

What to bring:
Bring your camera, studio lights, a portrait lens and a model (If you don’t yet have studio lights, you can rent mine for $50)

Package C: 
3-Hour Boudoir Photography Lighting & Posing Instruction $399.00
You will learn:
• The best lighting to compliment each boudoir client
• Flattering poses for each boudoir client
• How to develop your photography and communication styles

What to bring:
Bring your camera, studio lights, a portrait lens and a model. (If you don’t yet have studio lights, you can rent mine for $50)


“I cannot thank you enough for taking the time with me. Nobody has talked to me in a manner of clarity and patience as you did today.” Scott L.

“Our business relies heavily on internet selling of antiques, so accurate and high quality photos are critical. Irene came to our business for a 2-hour lesson to review our use of lighting, camera settings and Photoshop editing. She was organized, efficient and easy to understand. We were able to make several immediate improvements that resulted in a big jump in photo quality, worth far more than the cost of the session.”  Art K.

“Irene helped me not only understand my camera, but also understand more about photography in general. She explained the technical aspects in a very visual way that I could easily understand. I highly recommend her lessons if you have a DSLR and really want to know how to use it.” Anna S.

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  • Do you use multi-point, continuous or single point auto focus?
    The difference can be a photo that is in sharp focus or not. Many people struggle with auto-focus, so I explain the three types and show you how to set the camera for the one that works best for you.
  • Curious about those beautiful blurry backgrounds?
    There are four factors that influence the appearance of the background, and I’ll explain them to you in a way you will easily comprehend.
  • Do you know about the magical thing called the diopter?
     I’ll explain the diopter and show you how to set it so that what you see through the viewfinder is always nice and sharp.
  • Interested in portrait photography techniques?
    Choose a portrait photography lesson in natural light or under studio lights.
  • Are you stuck on automatic?
    Some automatic settings are wonderful but others can give you a passive experience. I’ll explain the difference and make recommendations.
  • Would you like to learn more about composition?
    Learn about the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Ratio and the Golden Spiral.
  • Baffled by F-stop, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity?
    I’ll explain the relationship so you can have fun with your manual settings as you learn to produce stunning photos.
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