Should You Have Them Before the Ceremony?

Wedding Photography Portland OregonCan you successfully blend practicality and romance on your wedding day? You want the first time your groom sees you to be etched in his mind forever, but you hate the thought of taking time away from your reception, or possibly rushing the most important pictures you’ll ever have.  What is the compromise?

Many brides nowadays like to have portraits taken before the ceremony, but some are not sure how this will affect the romantic quality of the day.  Before you decide, consider these aspects:

First… You don’t have to sacrifice romance for practicality.
A professional, experienced wedding photographer knows to set up a “first look,” the private moment in which your groom sees you for the first time in all your wedding finery.  A distinct advantage to having a “first look” prior to the wedding ceremony is that if your husband-to-be is going to get choked up seeing you in all your wedding splendor, he gets to shed that tear in relative privacy. Consider it a dress rehearsal.  When he’s at the altar in front of all your friends and family, he can hold it together and enjoy watching the woman he loves walk toward him on her way to becoming his wife.

Second… A leisurely, enjoyable portrait session extends the party feeling of your wedding day.
You can start by taking a mix of candid and posed pictures beginning a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony. Your photographer can visit the bride’s room and the groom’s room, taking photos of you and your wedding party getting ready, with a nice mix of light-heartedness and anticipation. After the very romantic “first look” you have your portraits taken.

Third… When scheduled as part of the wedding day festivities, the pre-ceremony portrait session is relaxed and cheerful, and many brides have light refreshment on hand.
Think of it as a private mini-reception.  An experienced professional wedding photographer will keep track of the time so you don’t have to; the portrait session can last till about 30 minutes before your ceremony, which gives you and your bridesmaids ample time to get behind the scenes, keeping out of sight as your guests arrive.

Fourth… If you have had your portraits taken prior to the wedding ceremony, then you are free go directly into the reception and spend time with your loved ones.
Guests who have traveled a distance to attend your wedding will be especially grateful that you are present as long as possible.

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